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CBD Oil Retailer Opens in Martinez


A new business in Martinez has opened a store dedicated entirely to selling cannabidiol, or CBD oil, a compound in cannabis that has become a popular remedy for PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation and other ailments.

CBD oil has gained popularity at a fast pace in the wake of medical marijuana legalization in many states, although CBD is derived from the hemp plant, not marijuana. CBD also has a very low amount of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana.

Your CBD Store of Augusta, which opened last week at 4015 Washington Rd, has chosen to only sell products that do not contain any THC. The oil is also sold at some local vape shops.

“Tons of testimonies,” said store manager Victoria Smiley. “You can tell the people who have used it for a while, and they come in here, and they’ll talk to all the customers in here that it’s done wonders for them.”

A series of powerful testimonies of pain relief is what got Smiley on board with the operation in the first place. Before opening, the owners of Your CBD Store of Augusta, Dylan, Bruce and Cody Lyons, decided to travel to Tampa Bay to hear the stories of people whose use of CBD oil had helped lift them out of opioid addiction. Before that trip, Smiley wasn’t convinced this new venture was worth quitting her job.

The stories changed everything, and they haven’t stopped rolling in.

“This lady came in…she could barely open her hands from the arthritis that she has,” Smiley said. “Her husband is a roofer, he had really bad back pain to the point that he had to take medical leave. I don’t know what it was about the way she was talking about it or if I was just being dramatic, but it almost brought tears to my eyes.”

Just weeks ago, Gov. Nathan Deal further expanded the state’s medical marijuana legislation to allow people with intractable pain and PTSD to use CBD oil, adding to a list that now includes a dozen conditions, including seizures and late-stage cancer. CBD oil usually has a very small amount of THC, although the percentage is so small it’s basically impossible for the oil to have psychoactive effects with a normal or even large dosage.

But operating as a business that doesn’t have any products that contain even a tiny amount of THC allows Your CBD Store of Augusta to operate more freely. Customers don’t need a medical card to buy products. (Smiley said they were also motivated to sell only THC-free products because Richmond and Columbia counties are strict on the issue; it took jumping through a lot of hoops just to get the store up and running.)

When it comes to products, the managers of Your CBD Store of Augusta want their business to revolve around the needs of Augustans. CBD oil can be consumed in a variety of ways, and the store offers a little bit of everything: oils, tinctures (taken orally), creams, edibles and even dissolvable balls of CBD oil that you can put in the bathtub.

In its first week open, the store had already sold out of several products.

“We’re constantly getting new stuff in, trial and error,” Smiley said. “We just got a lot of new stuff in today. We ordered a melatonin capsule mixed with CBD. We just got like higher milligrams on certain things.”

The fact that the entire store is THC-free has actually become a marketing tool for Smiley and the owners. At a time when people are turning to medical marijuana as a remedy for pain and anxiety, many are looking for alternatives that don’t put them at risk to fail drug tests and can provide relief without a high. Some people have come to the store after getting a recommendation from their doctors.

The owners also keep lab reports for all the products in-store should customers have questions about them, as not all CBD oil products are FDA-approved.

“We’re trying to listen to Augusta,” Smiley said.

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