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Birmingham opens first CBD establishment, a store with health products derived from cannabis


Birmingham’s first CBD oil store is now open on Highway 280 by the Bailey Brothers Music store near Inverness.

All the products sold at Your CBD Store are Cannabidiol or CBD based, which is derived from the cannabis plant. The products are not the same as marijuana and they do not contain the psychoactive component THC.

New to Birmingham, and often misunderstood, Bham Now asked Kayla Williams, a staffer at Your CBD Store to describe to us what exactly is CBD. 

“CBD is a Cannabidiol. Most of us produce some naturally anyway. Most of us don’t produce enough. So when you introduce CBD product into your system it signals to your body to produce more what it naturally produces, allowing what your body does naturally more effectively. It treats a wide variety (ailments) chronic pain, neurodegenerative disorders, gastrointestinal issues, its got endless possibilities right now. It is beneficial to a lot of people,” said Williams.

CBD Store showroom. Photo courtesy of Kayla Williams.
The confusion – industrial hemp, zero THC

Williams described to Bham Now how CBD is derived from the cannabis plant.

“When you have a cannibas plant, you can pull marijuana out of it or hemp out of it. Marijuana is where you get the THC from the plant. The industrial hemp is where you get the CBD. That’s what makes it legal here. Having just CBD oil with no THC in it is how we are open right now. A lot of people have that confusion because it comes from the same plant. It is just how you derive it from the plant which makes it legal or illegal,” said Williams.

Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now.

The store has been open for two weeks and the response has been very positive.  During Bham Now’s brief noontime visit, sales were brisk and we saw  two families stocking up on several items from the store.

Products in Your CBD Store, include edibles, creams, lotions, pills, and the oil you can take orally and mix with water. The store also sales products for pets.

To learn more about Your CBD Store visit the following website and social media outlets:

Facebook: Visit – Natural Healing of Birmingham
Instagram: naturalhealing_bham

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