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Exclusive: Columbus' first and only store to sell THC-free hemp products

If you live with any joint, back, knee pain, suffer from insomnia or anxiety then this story is for you.
     Wednesday, News Three got a chance to catch up with the owners of a new and only Columbus store, to sell THC-free hemp products.
     The store is called Connors Botanical Den and it's located on Gentian Boulevard.
     It's also known as Your CBD Store of Columbus.

     Pam Connor and her husband Thomas are the co-owners.
     Pam explains how the products are beneficial.
     "By removing the inflammations from your body you just get a feeling of well-being. You get a feeling of serenity without losing any focus." says Pam.
      She explains how the family got into the business. 
     "A friend of ours has severe Crohn's Disease. She was having pains. Medication wasn't working. She hadn't gotten hooked up with somebody and started trying CBD and it worked for her wonderfully. Her pains are gone. "says Pam.
     She says her husband, who served in the Vietnam War was also an inspiration.
     As a result he's sustained two damaged vertebrae and arthritis among other things.
     Thomas says prior to using CBD products, he would use epidurals with strong prescription meds.
 "I have a bad heart heart. The epidurals...they didn't work. I had the first lasted about four hours then they gave me two other ones and they didn't do anything so I said what's the sense in going through the pain of having the epidurals when in fact they're not doing anything for me?" says Thomas.
     Thomas says before taking Your CBD products he would constantly have to use a cane- because it would be a struggle to get around.
     But now...
     "This stuff makes it so I can walk around and people who haven't seen me in a while see me now and sometimes I'll go without my walking stick there and they say I don't what you're taking but I need a little bit of that."- says Thomas.
     Lisa Lee works at Your CBD Store.
     She's also a customer who once lived with excruciating sciatica pain and migrianes that would bring her to tears.
      "I used to be on a lot of medication. I would literally be like a walking zombie." says Lee
     But since taking Your CBD Store products...
      "It just puts a whole new perspective on life. I wanna get out and do things. I wanna exercise. I wanna bike ride and I do do these things. Reporter: You light up when you talk about these products. Absolutely. Reporter: Why is that? Because it works. It works." says Lee.


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