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CBD Shop Opens in Ithaca

It's not your average prescription, but some people believe it can be the cure for what ails them. A new alternative medicine shop recently opened in Ithaca. The products that line the shelves at Your CBD Store won't be found in your typical pharmacy.

“It’s a very high quality, lab tested, organic. Our oil comes from a USDA certified organic farm in Colorado,” said Dominique Pastorello, the owner of Your CBD Store.

Pastorello studied plant science in college. She said she’s always been interested in plant-based medicine and that she’s always been very passionate about it. Part of the reason she decided to open the store was because she saw relatives use it.

“I started researching and looking into it, and I decided that it would be a great product to offer the Ithaca community,” said Pastorello.

It shouldn’t be confused with THC, however. Cannabidiol is derived from Hemp.

The store sells gummies, skin care products and vape cartridges. Their products offer relief for things like depression, PTSD, and arthritis. But for anyone worried about side effects, Pastorello ensures people not to worry.

“CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that it will not provide a high, so you can use our products without worrying about any of that,” said Pastorello.

Kim Falstick lives in Tompkins County. It was a friend that introduced Cannabidiol to her. She uses it for a variety of reasons including depression and anxiety.

“I also have a lot of joint pain because I was a dancer so I have some, you know, issues especially on damp days like today, and it has helped,” said Falstick.

After seeing an advertisement for Your CBD Store, she walked in for the first time on Tuesday. She said it was nice to have an expert available to talk to.

Typically she is forced to go to Greenstar, who, she said, has a very limited selection.

“I was really excited because there aren’t too many options around here,” said Falstick.

The shop is located behind Collegetown Bagels on East Seneca Street in Ithaca.
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