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  • Your CBD Store opens in Meridian and offers natural supplements for those in pain

Your CBD Store opens in Meridian and offers natural supplements for those in pain

Your CBD Store opens in Meridian, MS and offers natural supplements for those in pain.

For the past 2 weeks, Your CBD Store has been selling cannabis oil-based products in Meridian to help those that may be suffering from arthritis, stress, insomnia, pain and even anxiety. These products do come from the cannabis oil, but it is state legal. “If you want to get high, it’s not that kind of drug; you know, it’s healing it’s what it is. It’s just an oil that helps with your pain, simple as that. That’s what we’re in it for; people are tired of taking pills, and you don’t have to take pills.”

With so many drugs and several side effects, it can do the body harm in due time according to store manager Vicky Schumm. “People are tired of taking pills, there are so many drugs now, chemicals that you put in your body;well this is not a chemical, this is a natural product that’s the main reason I did it and one of the other reason is that it worked on my arthritis.” Schumm is one of many people that suffer from joint pain and so she tried out the products and feels like her job allows her to help those that are in pain. “I have pain in my knees, in my spine, and I used it and I found out it did work and that’s the reason I wanted to get the message out to people that you know, use this it will help you and you won't have to put chemicals in your body.”

With continued misconceptions about the cannabis oil, it could deter several from switching from prescription medications to natural remedies. “People think it’s marijuana, that’s the first thing they think, oh no it’s a drug, but it’s not.” A variety of supplements are offered in the store for those that are not afraid to try a natural solution. “The water supplement, the capsules, we have the roll on lotions, we have the pain cream.”

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