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New CBD shop ‘Your CBD Store’ opens its doors in MA

WILBRAHAM – In recent years, Cannabidiol (CBD) dispensaries have become more prominent all over the United States. Over 100 locations have opened nationwide. On Nov. 21, Your CBD Store Wilbraham opened their doors. The shop is located at 2442 Boston Rd and owned by Jason Warchelak.

CBD is a natural and organic remedy that is used to aid many common ailments. CBD can help with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, migraines, diabetes, seizures or even problems such as insomnia. CBD is a chemical entity of the cannabis plant. The oil is extracted from the plant and then can be used to produce a large array of products that can be found at CBD stores.

The most common misconception that hinders the sales and acceptance of CBD is the confusion between CBD hemp and marijuana that contains tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. THC is the chemical compound that results in a mind altering high when consumed. Cannabis contains over 400 active chemical entities. While THC is one of them, other entities can be extracted from the plant and avoid the side effect of the high. CBD helps to provide relief without the THC causing the high.

CBD oil eases pain and acts as an anti-inflammatory for people battling arthritis. It can aid problems such as depression and anxiety by regulating the actions of serotonin in the body. Serotonin acts by binding to receptors in brain cells, these cells improve mood and stress control.

Warchelak is 38 years old and has been battling depression, anxiety and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) his whole life. In May, Warchelak was hospitalized because his Anxiety and depression grew very severe. After his hospitalization, he was prescribed five different medications to take daily.

“When I took the medications I felt like a zombie…I hated it.” Warchelak remarked.

Warchelak has a sister who also battles depression and anxiety. After expressing to her how terrible he felt on the medications she advised him to try CBD.

“At that point, I was willing to try anything and I am so happy I did!” Warchelak said.

His sister knew of the positive effects of CBD from a friend of hers who used CBD to reduce the pain she felt from Crohn’s Disease. The friend was so moved by how much CBD improved her life, she opened up a CBD store in Florida.

Warchelak said he was hooked after his first dose. “From those five medications I was on after being hospitalized, I only take one now. CBD helps with the rest and I feel great,” Warchelak said.

The CBD that is sold at Your CBD store Wilbraham is grown in Colorado and Manufactured in Florida. The product is 100 percent organic and is tested three times through the manufacturing process. When they test the product they are testing to get exact numbers of how much CBD is in the product. These lab reports are open to the public and can be found on their website. The product has a specific code associated with each individual product. The specific code is used to track the product and the CBD amounts in their lab reports.

Although Warchelak is knowledgeable in the products he is selling, there are two doctors and two chemists on site during all operational hours at their manufacturing site in Florida. Warchelak can contact these doctors or chemists at any time if a client or potential buyer has more intricate question that he cannot answer.

Warchelak worked at Lowes Hardware Store for 18 years before leaving to pursue his newfound passion with CBD. He received a business license from the town of Wilbraham and is looking forward to using his knowledge in sales to spread the message and positive effects of CBD.

The CBD products that are sold at Warchelak’s store include water solubles offered in four flavors, oils also offered in four flavors, water capsules, gum drops, lotions, pain creams, vape pens, and a beauty line that includes bath bombs and lip balms. The shop also sells CBD for pets. The pet line has water-solubles which come in an array of flavors and treats for pets too.

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